Round honors: Euro NCAP named the safest new items


An independent organization Euro NCAP, which is testing the safety car, summed up 2015. Experts have called the most secure model, debuted on the global market last year, in eight categories: “Large Crossover”, “compact crossover”, “Large family car”, “compact family car”, “ultra-compact car”, “Large minivan” “The compact minivan” and “roadster”.

Total in 2015 Euro NCAP crash tests carried out 44 new products automotive industry, most of which relates to the non-commercial passenger vehicles. Each vehicle was evaluated by four indicators: protection of the driver and adult passengers, child safety, pedestrian safety and the availability of advanced security systems. Ratings were summed, and the machines took place on the basis of a comparison of the final amount of points.

The safest large crossover – Volvo XC90

Results: 5 stars
The protection of the driver and passengers: 97%
Protect children: 87%
Pedestrian protection: 72%
Safety Devices: 100%
Problem areas: the high edge of the hood is dangerous for pedestrians

Volvo XC90 second generation experienced in September 2015 then. Then the Euro NCAP Committee had to be divided into one crossover more than usual: the first time in a side crash safety shutter is not opened completely, which could lead to injury of the third-row passengers.

The second time was tested XC90 is perfect: the blows almost touched cabin space. The risks of injury are minimal in any type of collision – for security experts Euro NCAP adult occupant awarded the crossover points 97% of the maximum possible amount.

The highest score (100%) XC90 received for the work of the security systems. In this case the judge did not consider the SUV range of systems, including, for example, automatic braking system to pedestrians. During the existence of this option tested vehicles will receive additional scores in 2016. Protection of minors in a child seat passengers also was at a high level (87%). The lowest scores (72%) received a crossover for pedestrian protection – Committee of Experts noted the high edge of the bonnet too.

The safest compact crossover – Mercedes-Benz GLC

Results: 5 stars
Protecting occupants: 95%
Protect children: 89%
Pedestrian protection: 82%
Safety Devices: 71%
Problem areas: increased load on the chest of rear passengers in frontal impact

Secure the new Mercedes GLC, which replaced the GLK, Volvo XC90 was on the level. The level of protection of the driver and passengers, experts estimated at 95%. A small negative crossover set for increased loads on the chest rear passengers on impact of non-deformable barrier. The level of protection of minors GLC passengers to one of the highest among all the tested vehicles. This was largely thanks to the automatic deactivation of the passenger air bag when installing the child seat.

For the protection of pedestrians crossover also received a rather high score (82%). The main disadvantage here, as in the XC90, is the edge of the hood, which could cause injury to a pedestrian in the pelvis. Security systems evaluated only in 71% – could be better, given the system of automatic braking, which works well in a wide range of speeds.

The safest large family car – Jaguar XE

Results: 5 stars
The protection of the driver and passengers: 92%
Protect children: 82%
Pedestrian protection: 81%
Safety Devices: 82%
Problem areas: door locks after a side impact is not opened

The crash test Euroncap sedan Jaguar XE made exactly who has the most points in each test. In many respects it is a merit modular platform on which innovation is built. At the same architecture based second-generation XF, and the results from sedans were almost identical. However, the broken XE experts noted one major drawback – the door locks are not opened after a side collision.
Some complaints also cause an increase in the load on the driver’s chest in a collision of a deformable barrier, but also were marked by the load on the rear passenger’s neck. The most dangerous part of the body for pedestrians – the zone of the windscreen. Electronic momoschniki like automatic braking systems and lane monitoring were rated high – 82%.

The safest compact family car – Infiniti Q30

Results: 5 stars
The protection of the driver and passengers: 84%
Protect children: 86%
Pedestrian protection: 91%
Safety Devices: 81%
Problem areas: increased loads on the driver’s torso in a side impact

Hatchback, built on the same platform with the Mercedes A-Class, made at the same level with the German model, and in some components even surpassed its results. Protection of the driver and adult passengers in the Infiniti Q30 was a little worse – 84% against 93% for Mercedes. The rating was lowered because of possible injuries of the neck front and rear passazhzhirov when struck from behind, as well as the high loads on the driver’s body in a collision with a pillar.

Experts pointed out the correct operation of the automatic shutdown frontal airbag when installing the child seat in the front seat. The most dangerous elements of the body for pedestrians – the lower edge of the windscreen and A-pillars. However, thanks to a streamlined body Q30 has received higher marks in this component than the Mercedes A-Class – 91% against 67%.


From 2015, Euro NCAP organizes tests on new advanced rules. In addition to the frontal impact of a deformable barrier offset at 64 km / h, held a blow to the American technique NHTSA: a collision with non-deformable barrier across the width of the front of the machine at a speed of 56 km per hour. We have been changed and the conditions for the side crash tests: the impact force is now creating more overall and heavy object, and the strike of the post is performed at a more acute angle.

The safest ultra-compact car – Honda Jazz

Results: 5 stars
The protection of the driver and passengers: 93%
Protect children: 85%
Pedestrian protection: 73%
Safety Devices: 71%
Problem areas: increased load on the rib cage in the frontal impact

Five Star received and compact Honda Jazz. The highest score of the car – to protect the driver and adult passengers. Here Honda gained 93%, which is rare even for golf class. However, some comments were still. For example, in a frontal collision with a perfect overlap experts have recorded an increased load on the chest of the passenger cell. Protecting children is estimated too high – 85%. Noticeably worse performance in the “pedestrian safety” – here Jazz only 73%, and security systems have been evaluated only in 71%. In the assessment of the impact is not as standard emergency braking system in an urban environment.

The safest large minivan – Ford Galaxy

Results: 5 stars
The protection of the driver and passengers: 87%
Protect children: 87%
Pedestrian protection: 79%
Safety Devices: 71%
Problem areas: the rear passenger neck during a rear impact

Ford Galaxy showed a generally high level of protection for adult passengers, but Euro NCAP experts still found a weak spot. In a frontal collision the entire width of the rear passenger bumper chest experienced increased loads. To protect the children had only one comment: the increased load on the front-line with the collision of the dummy’s neck. Verdict – 87%.

security systems, which are installed on the Galaxy, were evaluated only in 71%. On an overall assessment influenced by the fact that the emergency braking system is only available at an extra cost option. Galaxy Y is a system of recognition of road signs, but it is in the classification of Euro NCAP is absent, so extra points for that assistant minivan is not received. Pedestrian protection level at a high level as a whole (79%) – the Commission noted that the injury may cause only the windscreen pillar.

The safest compact minivan – VW Touran

Results: 5 stars
The protection of the driver and passengers: 88%
Protect children: 89%
Pedestrian protection: 71%
Safety Devices: 76%
Problem areas: the bonnet edge for pedestrians

The new Volkswagen Touran good level of protection for adult passengers and children. Good results have been shown in a frontal crash test, showed great minivan themselves and in side collisions. However, other components of the Euro NCAP Commission assessed the model is not so high. For example, for safety devices Touran received only 76% – in the final evaluation impact the absence of emergency braking system as standard.

On the general level of pedestrian protection significantly influenced the risk of injury to the pelvic area. strip retention system – is also an option, so it did not bring the car extra points.

The safest roadster – Mazda MX-5

Results: 4 stars
The protection of the driver and passengers: 84%
Protect children: 80%
Pedestrian protection: 93%
Safety Devices: 64%
Problem areas: the risk of chest injury in a side impact

Mazda MX-5 – the only car in the ranking of the safest new products that received a “four” tests. But this result was enough to circumvent the BMW Z4, which was awarded a three-star. Adult Occupant Protection level experts have estimated at 84%, which is in a class roadsters is very high. The main gripe for safety – the risk of driver chest injuries in a side collision. Protecting children is estimated at 80%, the safety of pedestrians – 93%, but for the safety of the system the MX-5 has received only 64%. Experts abolished, that a basic vehicle no knee airbags and automatic braking system.

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